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We think a lot about recycling and while most of us carefully divide our tinned cans, glass bottles and newspapers into the standardised colour-coded bins, we are all still very much aware that more can be done. So, when ACUVUE® contact lenses (a Johnson & Johnson brand) came to us and told us about the new recycling programme for the world’s no.1 contact lens brand, we were more than happy to get involved. Follow the TerraCycle® journey below…

We have always enjoyed working with brands that show a commitment to sustainability and while ‘making a difference in the world’ is never as simple as it should be, by bringing into play the right tools and channels, creating an engaging tone and style that resonates and working side by side with the team from ACUVUE®  right up until launch day, we were able to help TerraCycle®  develop into a successful campaign. In the end, encouraging both new and old customers to recycle their contact lenses and make a genuine and positive difference to the world around them.

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