From small acorns...

The Sayhello Agency was born in 2016 as a result of our desire and enjoyment of working with marketing brands (the more challenging the better), producing inspirational and motivational work through a combination of strategic thought, creative execution and activation. 

Frustrated with the ‘London agency’ world of working to a set of rules / costing structures / process (either too much or too little) we started our own business with a goal to develop a different type of agency, changing the marketing agency ethos and working practices for the better.

Boutique, agile... label us as you like, but we simply like to think that we create very high level thinking and award winning creative work at a relatively low price to our clients. We pride ourselves on adding value to a client's business which is probably why we are still working with many that we have known for over 15 years and counting.

Gen Goldfinch Founder & Client Director

Gen Goldfinch
Founder & Client Director


We're fueled by a passion to achieve the best for our brands

What We Do

Sayhello is built on (but not restricted by) a wealth of knowledge in Brand, Campaign Strategy and Digital Strategy through to Promotional & Experiential Activation, delivered with a belief in the need for excellence in Conceptual thinking and Client Service.

Business is won on Strategy and Creative but lost on Delivery and for this reason we maintain the same high profile team across the duration of any project or campaign to guarantee an advanced level of consistency for the same fee.



We use our size to our advantage to be very efficient and effective, ensuring senior experience and a more personal approach to understanding and delivering on a brand's needs.

Our job is to help our clients reach their objectives, not use them to serve our own. Honest in our approach, we work with brand owners to really understand their brand, its objectives and audiences in every detail. This approach enables us to create meaningful brand connections at the right time, with a message that resonates, engages and most importantly delivers. 

Whether we're working with large global organisations like Johnson & Johnson, Merisant, Aldo Shoes or smaller brands with big ambitions like crunch juice bars, the job is the same - every brand is a big fish in our pond.

Measuring success

We love winning awards, well who doesn’t? But it’s not personal glory we crave most of all, we know we’ve done our job when we’ve reached our target, be it product sales, brand awareness or simple storytelling; we understand the importance of achieving a high return on investment for our clients. That's why we constantly analyse our performance before, during and after a campaign to prove its effectiveness and create learnings for the next chapter.